Holding out for the best unreleased TV of 2019? Hold onto your popcorn, folks: there’s a tsunami of top-end TV screens about to hit. 

Manufacturers are busy prepping new 4K TVs, and planning enormous 8K models with yet greater image clarity and even more impressive girth.

CES 2019 set the ball rolling, and we’ve since got hands/eyes-on with more of the best TVs of 2019. We’ve perspired over their pictures, pawed their shinym beautiful casings, and listened hard to their audio, on the show floor and behind closed doors. Our conclusion: if you thought TVs looked good in 2018, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Most of these big screen behemoths don’t have price tags yet; we only know they’re definitely coming out over the next 12 months. It’s a fair bet most won’t be cheap. Wildly innovative and visually stunning, these are the screens you’ll drool over in 2019. Although please don’t do that literally. It would be gross, and you might electrocute yourself.


It may look like science fiction – a wafer thin 4k screen rising magically from a designer sound cabinet – but LG’s rollable OLED will debut definitely this year, finally taking advantage of one of OLED’s great unsold characteristics: flexibility.

The OLED65R is nothing if not a triumph of design. We particularly like how it can partially unfurl. The so-called Line View allows the top section of the panel to double as a display for news, weather, music track playback or just ambient moving artwork. 

There’s no compromise in image quality to accommodate the incredible mechanics. The picture looks blisteringly sharp, with superb colour and black level performance, thanks to its second gen Alpha 9 image processor. 

The cabinet itself houses a 4.2ch, 100W sound system, and is Dolby Atmos capable, although it doesn’t have any upwards firing drivers, so any surround effects remain pure virtualisation. 

LG is currently not committing to a price for this rollable debutant – however we think it’s a fair bet that you’ll need to be rolling in it to buy one. Ho ho! More