Roll With It: LG Signature Rollable Oled TV R

Rollable LG Signature Oledd TV R

Roll With It: LG Signature Rollable Oled TV R
Roll With It: LG Signature Rollable Oled TV R

TVs have gotten bigger and slimmer over the years, but LG is ushering in major change with the new rollable LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R.

It’s is a departure from the rectangular box style television that requires mounting. This new form factor is literally off the wall, and gives you viewing power like never before.

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R can roll into three different viewing options, including Full View, which delivers a large screen view, Line View, which allows the TV to be partially unrolled for tasks that do not require the full screen, and Zero View, which means the TV is completely rolled up and hidden inside the base.

And don’t fret, this is not a gimmick. You still get great picture quality and smart TV functionality. It features AI picture and sound quality powered by LG’s second generation α (Alpha) 9 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm.

You can use voice control via Amazon Alexa, and support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are included. LG is pushing us into the future with this one. Whether you’re ready for it not, just roll with it. More


Tamara Clarke GUEST WRITER