Rollable TVs: LG set to launch rollable TV in Oct

OLED TV RX rollable shop

OLED TV RX rollable shop
OLED TV RX rollable shop

Korean electronics major LG Electronics is set to release its much talked of rollable TV next month, according to media reports in South Korea.

By Balakumar K /

LG, which recently made global headlines with the launch of LG Wing the smartphone with swivel screen, has opened a website dedicated to its ‘Signature OLED RX’ TV. 

LG’s rollable TV, with a 65-inch screen that rises from a box and can be rolled up inside, was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States last year. The advantage of an OLED display is that it can be bent or rolled freely because it does not have a backlight.

As per media reports, after holding an event for its customers in Seoul, LG is expected to launch the rollable TV in the market in late October.

Signature OLED RX TV has been reportedly priced at over 100 million won ($85,400).

Quite simply, the TV can, like a cloth or film screen, roll into its base. 

LG’s new TV has three viewing options – full view, line view (where only a part of the screen is showing), and zero view to keep the TV nicely hidden.

LG’s OLED RX TV, like the rest of LG’s 2019 OLED range, is based on the company’s 2nd-gen Alpha 9 intelligent processor the enables LG’s ThinQ AI to offer new display algorithms and Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. 

The TV also features HDMI 2.1, high frame rate (HFR) support, enhanced audio return channel (eARC), variable refresh rate (VRR) and automatic low latency mode (ALLM). LG’s flagship OLED also feature Dolby Atmos for immersive entertainment.

LG OLED TV uses, what it calls, self-lit technology. “Over 100 million self-lit sub-pixels come together to deliver the next level of TV,” the company says. It gives the deepest blacks, richest colors, and most realistic picture quality.

Samsung’s micro LED TV

Talking of self-lit technology, LG’s South Korean rival, Samsung Electronics, is planning to launch a micro LED TV that also uses self-illuminated technology. 

“It uses micrometer-sized ultra-small LEDs to remove backlight and color filters. LEDs themselves become a light source for the screen. Compared to current displays, the micro LED TV excels in terms of brightness, contrast ratio, color reproducibility, and black color expression. It also has an improved viewing angle,” a report in BusinessKorea said.

Samsung had unveiled 75-inch, 88-inch, 93-inch and 110-inch micro LED TV models at the CES that happened this year.

This micro TV may hit the markets in December. More

By Balakumar K /