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New products, Nov 6, 2019: Samsung The Wall Luxury TV, Sigma...

With prices starting at $125,000, it is configurable from 73 inches to a whopping 292 inches with customisable frames.

LG’s jaw-dropping 88-INCH 8K TV is now available to buy in...

The $42,000 OLED TV sports activities an 88-inch display screen with 8K Extremely HD decision

Soundbar R650│Samsung

Soundbar R650│Samsung 2019

Hands-on: LG 2019 4K & 8K OLED TVs

LG will launch 4K OLED TVs

Best OLED TV of 2019? LG’s rollable TV is worth the...

LG Rollable TV 2019 video and news

The LG rollable display is now a real 65-inch TV

Rollable TVs is comming

LG rollable 65-inch OLED TV Video

LG unveils rollable 65-inch OLED TV at CES 2019 which scrolls down to disappear. It can still...
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